London Arts

Graffiti: Art or Not


As Londoners we are a diverse bunch. We have different taste’s in things like food, (although we all love a curry) music, and clothes.We like to moan about the weather and act surprised when theirs another doomsday story on Eastender’s. But one thing that  divides the most opinion is the graffiti on the walls of our city.

We can look as far back as the ancient Egyptians for early signs of graffiti, although we now know them as hieroglyphics its was still essentially writings and drawings on a wall. Graffiti artist or ‘graffers’ as they are known to their peers take their art extremely seriously, to have your ‘tag’ seen all over a city is a huge achievement. Never advertising a product, they are promoting themselves as artist. To the real hardcore ‘graffers’ this is tantamount to a classic artist having their pieces up in the Tate Modern Gallery.

Graffiti is huge on a global scale. From London to California to Bombay you will find spectacular examples of graffiti.

Piece By Poch, Rock - Mumbai (India)

A stunning piece of graffiti in Mumbai and above a huge memorial piece from Compton, California.

A frame from the banned video game.

A graffiti artist putting the final touches on his piece in Australia.

In London the range of graffiti is vast. At present we are seeing a creative birth with young artist showcasing their talent on our historic walls. As lots of people strive to become the next Banksy we are witnessing more simple styles of graffiti as opposed to the ones that look like they took as long as the Sistine Chapel given the sizes and amount of colors used.

Here is a reel of graffiti that Roam Magazine put together for your pleasure.

Here are a few more interesting videos about Graffiti in London.

Here are a few website on Graffiti, if you’d like to learn more on the subject.