We are finally here. The first issue of Roam, London’s multi-cultural magazine, is now online and (we hope) it’s here to stay.
Roam is an independently published magazine started by a small multi-national editorial team. Each member hopes to bring you a small piece of their culture. London is the multi-cultural capital of the world, so join and explore all it has to offer.
The team have put together a lifestyle magazine for those living in or visiting London. We go into the multicultural alleyways around London and find the best events and places for you to visit.
Be sure to enter our competitions….there are some really great surprises in our Roam goodie bags. From good old London souvenirs to international gifts, we provide a mix of cultural items for our readers to enjoy.
Soon you’ll also be able to check out our website, but for now sign up to our Facebook page and Twitter account.
We’d love to hear your story ideas and what you think about the magazine  Email us at roammagazine@live.com
We hope you Roam around London with us.
Zanib Asghar

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