This is Jonathan’s story. What’s yours?

Jonathan's family

Jonathan’s family

Life today is hard enough as it is without anyone in your family being seriously ill. Did you know that every time you sneeze your heart misses a bit?

Yes, that’s a fact If you think about it, every time you leave the house there are a million things that could go wrong, yet most of us prefer not to duel on that and live happily ever after in denial and things will probably never go terribly wrong.

Jonathan is a normal teenager; he goes to school like you and me did. He love sports, and in fact he is pretty good at Karate, one of his favorite activities. He is also quite genuinely interested in exotic animals. Nevertheless, his life now is quite different from that of an average teenager with no issues or limitations. Jonathan was diagnosed with bone cancer at the age of 16.

According to cancer research more than 1 in 3 people will develop some form of cancer through out their lifetime. I don’t want to overwhelm you with the odds, but its good to know that if anything happens to you or a member of your family help is available somewhere.

For Jonathan’s mum, Karen and her four children, Rainbow Trust was their knight in shinning armour.

“Without Rainbow Trust’s support, our story would have been very different, when I reached out for help I was told that both Pippa and Jonathan would have to leave college and that if I was struggling with the younger two, foster care was an option for them.”

Their family had to face the fact that they might not be able to stay together. However, Rainbow trust was able to deliver a personalised program that assists the whole family.

The Sibling support program provides support workers to help the remaining siblings as well as offer counselling and whatever is needed to the rest of the family.

“It as a bolt out of the blue when we found out he had cancer and I wasn’t sure how I would cope as a single mum. I’ve got Jonathan’s older sister, Pippa, 18, who is a massive help but has her own life as well as the two younger ones, Holly, 14 and Marcus, 11,” She says.

Without Rainbow Trust there lives could have been torn apart. What about you? What can you do to help change lives?

Donate at and help change other families lives today.


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