Canalway Cavalcade

The Annual Canalway Cavalcade took place last weekend in London’s Little Venice Located in Maida Vale. Being the thirtieth Anniversary there was lots of excitement in the air and even more boats on display. Organized by the The Inland Waterways Association who along with many volunteers work tirelessly to put on a tremendous bank holiday weekend spectacle for the whole family to enjoy. Packed with stalls serving all types of food, snacks and drinks. Not to mention lots of Canal and boat memorabilia. Shows, boat rides and competitions are just a few of the activities to mention on this great occasion, children can also keep their selves entertained on the many carnival rides.


The UK canal system was essentially the father of the British Industrial Revolution. Started by the Romans and continued through the Medieval era the Canals were the best way to transport materials, tools and people to the UK’s early building projects. The 16th and 17th century saw major work and improvements on exiting canals starting from the Thames linking the North to the South. This time period is considered the Golden Era of the Canal system as many fortunes were made by people transporting goods up and down the country.


Be sure to check out the Inland waterways web site ( you can also check out there Facebook page for more info and upcoming events.

















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