The Crepprotect Launch Party

The lights were shining, champagne glasses were laid out and the excitement was growing as Stefan Maingot launched his new eagerly awaited Product Crepprotect. Crepprotect is an invisible spray, that once applied to a clean pair of trainers will dramatically reduce liquid stains. Co-founder of the product, Stefan Maingot believes that this could revolutionize the footwear industry. “One day people will wonder how they ever lived without Crepprotect”. The Movement is gathering pace at lightning speed with celebrities such as Reggie Yates championing the product.

Roam Magazine was granted exclusive access to the official launch Party held in London’s Soho.


Stefan Maingot: Entrepreneurial spirit

Hey dude, sorry I’m late I’ve just come from a rooftop business meeting in the city” say Stefan as he comes through the door at the restaurant we planned to conduct our interview in. Visibly excited he gives me a firm handshake and orders a Latte. My first question is “What inspires you?” he takes a second and says, “ I just try to see where my imagination can take me”.

“I absorb everything” he says “my spare time is usually spent on a laptop doing research on something or the other, I literally don’t switch off, which can be a problem for some, my ex girlfriend for one” he says unapologetically. He explains that with new technology coming in daily and the growth of social media on several platforms you cant afford not to be on the pulse of things or you will miss the trick.

He uses the current collapse of Blockbuster video as testament to this, “ Blockbuster lacked foresight, I would have closed half the stores ten years ago and made it a mainly online business. You have to watch the trends and not be afraid to make big decisions when necessary”, “We are living in a age where less is more I’m afraid, your presents online is more important than your presence on the high-street”


When I ask about his plans for the future, I don’t get the answer I was expecting. “I like not knowing” he say’s. Who knows what tomorrow may bring. Stefan picks up the salt shaker on the table, looks at it for five seconds, brings his head up and says, “I wonder if I can market black salt” I study him curiously, gazing at the salt shaker, seeing where his imagination can take him….


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