Summer in Miami: When to go and How to save

South Beach. By Nayara Chaves

South Beach. By Nayara Chaves

London is a delight…

Shops, bars, and things to do around the clock, but there is one thing Londoners don’t get to see a lot: Sunshine.

If you are one of many that think you deserve a break from London windy streets and humid weather. Join the crowd pack your bags and let’s got to Miami this summer.

Busy and sunny all year around it is up to you to chose which season best suits the type of vacation you want. If you able to afford you can always go for the vibrant energy of high season with masses of partygoers and sort of cool winter weather.

But the better option is to go during the deliciously hot months between June and September. Low season is much cheaper than the rest of the year. From touristic attractions to hotels and fares, and to tell the truth Miami is never empty so you’ll probably see plenty of tourists all around.

When to go

South Beach. By Nayara Chaves

South Beach. By Nayara Chaves

The reason why Miami gets loads of tourists between January and April is that when the rest of the country tends to get much colder, Miami always have incredible weather.

If you decide to go for these months, be prepared to book well in advance and have plenty of cash to spare. This is a season to party, expect the beaches to be packed full during the day even though the weather is not that warm.

  • Peak season: January to April
  • Low season: June to September
  • Middle season: May, October to December

Weather Warning

Miami can be quite windy at times, but don’t let that distract you as to how hot the sun can be. With warm weather through out the year you can easily expect highs between 20 and 30 degrees. So don’t forget to use plenty of sun block even under gray skies, to get sunburned will most definitely ruin your beach time. During the low season, June is not one of the best months as you can get more summer showers during this period.

Miami is located in Florida, which is one of the states within the hurricane belt, between June 1 and November 30 the likelihood of going through hurricanes and tropical storms is bigger, so is better to be prepared. Remember to obtain travel insurance, and have a look at the weather before you book and prior to leaving the UK.

“Hurricane Sandy didn’t hit Miami  in full last year, so I remember a lot of people still went out to watch the waves by the beach,” says Paulo Costa, 37, local taxi driver.

“It was beautiful but a bit scary the wind was quite strong.”

How do you book your holidays? find out what people in the streets do to find the best deals.

How to save and Where to go

By Nayara Chaves

By Nayara Chaves

You can definitely expect lower prices during the summer, food and attractions prices are less likely to change with the seasons, but you might be able to scoop some summer discounts.

South Beach is normally more expensive than other areas, so you will probably get better dinner options going to Miami Beach which is just around the corner, and even paying a taxi it still works much cheaper. If you stay in South Beach, Collins Avenue marked bellow in the map is full of hotel’s to choose from, prices will vary from place to place.

“Here if you book in advance you can get prices varying between 100 and 150 for a double per night. ”

“July is not as busy as other months so that’s the time to get cheaper prices,” says Bryan Ward, 25, receptionist at The Best Western Hotel.

The nightlife starts quite late, and will only heat up after Midnight, so no point in arriving too early, unless you want to be the only one in the club for a few hours.

Miami Beach party…

The best way to get a good price for a hotel room is to book as soon as you can, the sooner you book the cheaper you get. Room prices tend to go up as hotels get busier.

If you don’t feel like going to be beach, there are plenty of other options. Have a look below and see some of the things you can do.

City tour of Miami: Includes a boat tour of the bayside and Biscayne Bay.

Biscayne Bay, by Alex de Carvalho

Biscayne Bay, by Alex de Carvalho

On this tour, you will see the most beautiful side of Miami: Mansions, yachts, Port of Miami, Little Havana and Calle Ocho, Art Deco district of South Beach, Coconut Grove, Brickell Avenue, and Coral Gables are some of the highlights.

 Miami Sea Aquarium:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Visit the world-class Miami Seaquarium, the home of killer whales, sea lions and dolphins. This is a fun, educational and recreational activities for the whole family.

Also in the aquarium you are able to swim with the dolphins get up close and personal with a playful dolphin. During the Dolphin Encounter, learn about these intelligent and fun-loving marine mammals before enjoying a 30-minute dolphin interaction. (Book in advance as it is a very busy attraction)

” It was really fun to get in the water with a dolphin. That was definitely the highlight of my trip, a new experience to take back to London,” says Aaron Dijon 28, London stockbroker.

by Miami Sea Aquarium

by Miami Sea Aquarium

If you are not keen in any of the above there is plenty of other options like scuba diving and jet skiing.

Screen Shot 2013-05-03 at 21.32.35

Sneak a peak at the best moments of the show, in our video shot straight from the crowd…

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