The delights of Venn Street Market

Where it's happening.

Where it’s happening.

By Soraya Downie

Run out of ideas on what to do on a Saturday morning?

Hop on down to Venn Street Market along Clapham High Street. Less than a minute’s walk from Clapham Common tube station, Venn Street market is a local community food and drinks market, which aims to appeal to anyone.

The market takes place every Saturday, from 10am till 4pm and is located in front of Clapham Picture-House cinema.

The Perfect Location

Clapham High Street already has a great deal of restaurants, bars and shops to offer.

But Venn Street Market is real community pleaser; it first launched in November 2009 and has gone from strength to strength.

What’s on offer?

The stalls offer a vast amount of tasty food and drinks from up and down the UK, including traditional English foods such as, savoury pies and pastries.

The market is a Saturday ritual for many, who come here to explore exceptional food and drinks, produced by the finest chefs across the country.

Other cuisines are present and add vitality and a variety of tastes from many different cultures. You feel like you are travelling between British towns and cities, sailing down the sea to the South Coast, whilst tucking into delicious scampi or fresh sea bass. You can walk for 30 seconds and end up at Italy and experience the finest Italian food: pasta, meatballs and cheeses.

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Don’t just take our word

“There’s so much to try, but I always buy a few selection of cheeses,” says Helen Fitzgerald, 26, a retail manager from Clapham. She visits the market every week just to get her hands on the finest cheeses.

“My favourite cheeses are: Fontina, Gorgonzola Piccante and Gran Blu di Capra. The smellier the better.”

Helen recommends the stall occupied by Gastronomics, who produce high quality Italian food. She said, “They know so much about Italian food.”

The Gastronomics chefs know a thing or two about good tasting food, their meats, cheeses, preserves and wines continue to be a hit with locals and visitors of the market.

The perks of being a stall worker

Elizabeth Harrod, 33, has been working at The Pie Chart stall, since July last year. She’s been selling a range of pies and other foods, such as Scotch eggs.

“I think that people will buy into good quality foods. The prices here at The Pie Chart are good value for handmade products and people who visit us are very lovely.”

Pies are £4 each, or three for £10, which is really good, once you see how plumped the pies are.

These pies are all homemade and come in a variety of flavours, such as: chicken, leek and mushroom; Moroccan spiced lamb or steak and cheese.

Venn Street market is lively and filled with foods and drinks from all over the world. Stall holders are friendly and are honest about what they sell and the price. There’s a real sense of community spirit and the locals are welcoming.


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