David Bowie Exhibition at the V&A

By Zanib Asghar

The Victoria and Albert Museum is hosting the David Bowie exhibition from 23rd March till 11th August, where over 300 of Bowie’s personal belongings are being featured.

Copyright Adam Bielawski

Copyright Adam Bielawski

On top of the much talked about exhibition, Bowie also released his rare 7″ vinyl “Drive in Saturday” for Record Store Day on April 20th.

The Victoria and Albert Museum have been given the honour of being able to present the entire archive of David Bowie’s belongings to the public as one of the most influential musicians and performers there is.

The exhibition, David Bowie is, will explore his creative process through a timeline of his most valuable possessions, from costumes to lyrics to instruments. The exhibition will be exploring his ever changing style across five decades of the musical career.

Anthony Turner spent a day at the Bowie exhibition, “I’ve been here for over 2 hours now and I think the entire set-up is great. The big room is the best part of the whole exhibition and I think that alone would have been worth the ticket price.”

The museum’s Theatre and Performance curators, Victoria Broackes and Geoffrey Marsh have personally selected over 300 original objects belong to Bowie himself, which will all be displayed together for the first time ever.

The exhibition features objects including hand written lyrics, original costumes worn by Bowie, Bowie’s original fashion style, photography, film, music, videos, set designs from music videos and live events and Bowie’s very own musical instruments, which will also be showcased.

Listen to one of Bowie’s biggest hits “Ziggy Stardust” here:

Of the 300 original costumes on show, the famous Ziggy Stardust bodysuits designed by Freddie Burretti in 1972 will be on show.

Other original pieces will include video footage from films and live performances by Bowie including The Man Who Fell to Earth, Boys Keep Swinging and set designs created specifically for the Diamond Dogs Tour in 1974.

Photography of Bowie by Brian Duffy will be available for all to see and album artwork illustrated by Guy Peellaert will be on show.

The exhibition will also include never before seen personal items like storyboards, handwritten set lists and lyrics and most exciting of all, Bowie’s very own sketches and diary entries, giving us an insight into his creative process as a musician.

The V&A will also be holding an exciting competition where you can win a Bowie inspired weekend to Berlin.For more information and to enter the competition, click here.

To book tickets for the David Bowie exhibition, visit the Official V&A Website.

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