Top 10 London Attractions

By Zanib Asghar

Something we all say we’re going to do is travel. As we take a break from our hectic schedules, we all dream of sitting on that sandy beach with a cocktail to keep us company. Unfortunately, we come crashing back to reality and realize we have a stack of bills waiting to be payed.

Let’s take a look at how you can travel for a fraction of the cost (not to the Maldives of course). No, we’re talking about getting all those cultural experiences right here in London.

From visiting the V&A instead of The Met, to walking along St James’s Park rather than the Hawaii beaches, we’ll go through the best places to visit in London, whilst fulfilling all your travelling desires (without leaving that gaping hole in your pockets).

Here’s what you had to say about London’s top attractions:

“ I’ve been to the National Gallery like four times. It’s really amazing and I never get tired of it.” 

– Hajer Gomri

“This is the first time I’ve been on the London Eye and I thought it was amazing. I don’t think I’m going on The Shard, because it’s a bit expensive, but this was worth it. I thought I’m a Londoner and I’ve never seen London properly. Well worth the money.” 

– Chris Warren

“Portobello Road Market is great for shopping. You get some really cheap stuff there and if you’re lucky you can find things there you can’t get in other shops. It’s a lot better than going to places like Westfield or Oxford Street and a lot cheaper!” 

– Salma Hersi

“Just left Madame Tussauds now and it was great. I’ve been here before, but I wanted to see the Will and Kate wax figures and there were some others I haven’t seen before like Obama. They’re always adding new people in, like whoever is in the spotlight, so it’s good to come again and see who else has been put in.” 

– Tom Evans

Here are the top 10 London attractions you have to visit (click on image for slideshow):

Well there you have it. The top 10 places to visit in London, chosen by you. So once you’ve finished roaming our online magazine, pick a place and be culturally enlightened.

But before you disappear, take a second to fill in this short survey on where you’ll be spending the summer afternoon:

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