Tech-News: What to expect this summer

By Nayara Chaves


Google Glasses

This summer promises increasing advances in the world of technology. Some innovations are already on store shelves, while others are still dreams –  that each day become more of a reality…

Sounds like science-fiction

The first item on the list is an innovation brought by the multinational corporation Google. If augmented reality has become part of everyday life through dozens of applications for smartphones and tablets, Google Glasses promises even more. With them, you can view real-time information on everything that is in your field of vision.

How does it work?

The new gadget is said to take normal experiences to a new level of extraordinary, just point the camera in someone’s direction and you will know all about their virtual presence. Using face recognition software the glasses can supply everything about you, like your name, occupation and much more. So much for privacy, right?

The Glasses became available this month for selected developers, and will eventually hit the market by the end of 2013. Microsoft and Apple also patented similar technology and will be releasing similar versions of the product

Incredibly late 4G 

Orange T-Mobile EE 4G Mobile Store, London, Britain - 24 Oct 2012

Everything Everywhere Limited, EE mobile network operator

Second on the coveted list is the 4G technology already widespread in the United States, but just recently arrived in the UK with EE. With the fourth generation on mobile ultra broadband you can perform large data transfers to mobile devices, increasing the connection between users. Forget the headaches to play games or watch videos with your 3G modem.

The much expected technology arrived late in the UK due to technicalities. Forty other countries including Angola and Germany are already adapted to 4G networks. As EE had a full six months exclusivity, only this summer other networks will be able provide 4G to its customers.

“That’s a great improvement, it is so much faster, it really improves my IPhone experience. I couldn’t watch Netflix or the BBC Iplayer on my iPhone before, now I just have to press play,” says Brunel University, art student Claudia Suarez, 28.

Google as always, is determined to overcome. 

Google automated car model

Google automated car model

Just five years ago, a driver-less car was totally experimental, and could not be tested in any public areas. However, since the Internet giant Google presented its driver-less automated vehicle, public opinion has changed. In late 2012, three U.S. states have already legalized the use of these cars in their streets and highways, and the forecast is that these numbers are set to increase.

“If technology is this far advanced towards cars I wonder when will they reach air travel. Most people are wary of news things. I never seen one of this cars before but heard of them in other Estates,” says Eric Dir 43, a pilot from Georgia, USA.

These clever machines are set to drive much better than any of us and here is why:

The main part of the car is a laser rangefinder built-in the roof: the Velodyne 64-beam laser, creates an elaborate 3D version of its surroundings creating a perfect view of the street. But that’s not all; the built-in computers then compare the 3D data received with maps of the place. The data exchange enables the car to avoid obstacles and respect the law simultaneously.

The car adapted with: four radars, located in the front and rear, allow the car to “see” far ahead and predict different traffic conditions, promoting incredible awareness of other vehicles and pedestrians.

“Looking into the future I think the difference between manual and automated driving will be so great that people won’t be allowed to drive by themselves anymore,” says Rashid Patel, a London driver instructor.

Technology today is a part of almost everyones life. How important is technology for you?

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